Foodbuy Supplier Showcase 2023 — Meet Koja

Making Healthy Simple

KOJA was started by our founder Kate after leaving a career in the supplement industry, as she was dissatisfied with the industry’s approach to health.

Excessively processed foods with ingredient lists filled with numbers, fillers, preservatives and other nasties were becoming increasingly normal. This led to her decision to create KOJA with a focus on returning to whole foods and plant-based ingredients, what she calls ‘Making Healthy Simple’.

KOJA’s snack range is based on maximum nutrient density and plant-based foods that are delicious, simple and easy to add to your day. As a leading, forward-thinking and premium snack bar brand, KOJA distinguishes itself by making wholefood ingredients the priority. This approach positions us as a highly distinctive brand, dedicated to addressing market gaps and attracting a new customer base.

What makes us different?

KOJA delivers the perfect balance of indulgence and health like no other brand has before.

Key Products

The products that are most aligned with Foodbuy’s requirements are our best-selling oat bars, oat bites and plant protein bars.

Oat Bars:

  • Larger 60g serving size
  • Made from Australian Oats
  • 60% Less sugar than other snack bars
  • No artificial sweeteners or additive

Plant Protein Bars:

  • Best-tasting protein bars in the market
  • 9 grams of protein per bar
  • Available in 3 flavours that dominate the top 10 best-selling flavours in protein bars
  • Vegan, Gluten Free, All Natural

Oat Bites:

  • Lunchbox snacks for children and adults
  • Individually wrapped and calorie-controlled
  • Nut-free, Vegan, Low Sugar, All Natural
  • 3.5 Health Star Rating
Supporting Consumer Trends

Consumers overall are becoming more
health-conscious and are seeking healthier alternatives. There has been a recent rise in a shift to plant-based diets, as consumers are prioritising diets filled with whole foods and are straying from overly processed options.

KOJA fills a market gap by providing consumers with a plant-based alternative that is not only filled with wholefoods but is delicious too which can be a rarity when it comes to healthy options.


KOJA strives to be a sustainable and climate-smart brand. We do this by limiting the impact we make on the environment through our products being plant-based, our manufacturing being based in Victoria and ensuring our packaging is recyclable.

Customers respond well to brands that prioritise sustainability as studies have shown environmental concerns are at the forefront with 54% of consumers intending to purchase sustainable products.

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