Foodbuy constantly seeks out new and innovative solutions to meet our customers' evolving needs.


Building Value Through Relationships

Our Foodbuy organisation, and the value we bring to our Clients, is founded on creating deep and sustainable relationships with our Supply Partners across Australia. We work hard to identify, create and develop partnerships with our suppliers founded on mutual values of trust and transparency and where a continued focus on safety, service and value ensures we deliver, both today and continue to innovate into the future. We are proud of our Supply Partners and in our shared passion for food.

Our Global Supplier Code of Conduct

Our supply chain is founded on the highest standards of business integrity and ethics. Our Global Supplier Code of Conduct provides our existing and prospective Supply Partners with the values, commitments and expectations we require and uphold across both domestic and international supply chains. Our Code can be found here.

We are delighted to introduce you to Carmelo and the first of a new suite of Foodbuy profiles highlighting these amazing relationships.


Aussies enjoy an amazing and diverse agriculture sector and we at Foodbuy Australia are proud of our relationships with great farmers and producers across our country.​ Our Supply Partner showcase highlights one such partnership with Nick Gibbs and the team at Simon George & Sons. Proudly “Grown Here, not Flown Here”.

Foodbuy Australia manages and supports a significant portfolio across the South Australian produce industry through direct engagement that allows us to truly understand the local supply situation. Across everything we do, we create, develop and value our strategic partnerships in South Australia and recognise the opportunity to source the very best from right here on Adelaide’s doorstep.

At Foodbuy Australia, we love the amazing relationships we have with our Indigenous owned Supply Partner community. Celebrating our longstanding partnership with the team ​at Waddi Group and the always inspirational Tomika Johnson. Purpose Driven procurement investing in the future of our Australian supply base and our communities.

At Foodbuy and Compass Group Australia, we invest deeply in our commitments, relationships and our support with amazing ATSI and SME Supply Partners across Australia. In the latest in our Supplier Showcase video’s, we are proud to highlight our partnership with the family and team at CMJ.

Value & Innovation through Supplier Partnerships

Foodbuy Clients operate a wide variety of facilities from hospitality and entertainment venues to retirement and assisted living facilities to commercial restaurants. By partnering with Foodbuy, suppliers can quickly scale their product and service solutions.


  • We deliver on our commitments, with quality and with pride
  • We are always open, listening and seek to understand
  • We act with belief, conviction and integrity – holding ourselves accountable in performing at our highest capability
  • We are passionate and committed to the success of our Clients, our company and to our team
  • Innovative

  • We are driven by change, embrace the challenge and seek the new solution
  • We embrace diversity of thought, creativity and experience to push the limitations of yesterday
  • We take calculated risks to create new potential and develop market-leading opportunities
  • We want to change the world – responsibly, consistently and sustainably
  • Engaging

  • We love what we do and who we partner with
  • We listen with an open and unbiased mind to clarify the opportunity and deliver tailored and innovative solutions
  • We work together, sharing our Clients’ success and fuelling their growth
  • We are professional – delivering the best considered outcomes for our Clients and Supply Partners
  • Transparency

  • We act and communicate with transparency – open, reliable and always willing to help
  • We act with integrity – respecting our team, Clients and Supply Partners equally
  • We are truthful, open and honest in everything we do
  • We are a trusted, reliable and valuable source of expertise
  • Supplier FAQs

    What are the benefits of becoming a supplier to Foodbuy?

    Through our work with Australia’s largest food and support services organisation, Compass Group, alongside our growing Client portfolio, Foodbuy offers unparalleled opportunities to work with our Supply Partners to support growth, new business and to invest in innovation.

    We work hard with our Supply Partners to develop and deliver new sources of financial and non-financial benefits to our Clients and to support growth through the highest standards of food safety, service and customer satisfaction.

    Who are Foodbuy's Clients?

    Foodbuy’s largest single Client is Compass Group Australia, the largest food service management company in the country. Foodbuy’s Clients span a variety of channels from hospitality to commercial restaurants to healthcare and include many of the most recognisable and trusted brands in the industry.

    Our Clients recognise the difference the Foodbuy managed supply chain can make to their competitive advantage and we work hard with our Supply Partners to deliver sustainable value and innovation to support our Client’s growth.

    What types of products and services do Foodbuy Clients purchase?

    Foodbuy Clients purchase everything required in today’s culinary and hospitality environments. From food and beverages through equipment and consumables, our aim is to provide the broadest range of competitive products and services for our Clients to gain value and competitive advantage from. We cover a growing range of products, services, distribution and logistics ensuring every Client has access to the very best our Supply Partners can provide. Learn More.

    What are the expectations and standards Foodbuy places on Supply Partners?

    Our Supply Partners represent the very best in ethical trading, food safety, cultural diversity and quality standards across Australia.

    Foodbuy adopts a broad suite of clear standards in relation to these critical areas ensuring we support our Clients to achieve and maintain compliance with the highest standards in our Industry and in embracing both cultural and legislative requirements such as the Modern Slavery Act.

    Foodbuy, and our Clients, share a common commitment to equality, diversity and sustainability and we expect our Supply Partners to both adopt these values and to develop new products and other innovations to provide continual benefit, value and opportunity for our Clients and our broader community.

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