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The Foodbuy Advantage

Foodbuy delivers a unique combination of purchasing and supply chain solutions that can help set your business apart.


Maximise savings by leveraging Foodbuy’s relationships with large purchasers such as Compass Group, the largest service management company in Australia, and our unique national procurement, contracting and supply chain management capability.


Select from 40000+ products, negotiated through 3,300+ supply partners. From food, retail and beverages to equipment, consumables and services. We are your culinary and hospitality service partner.


Our unrivalled scale provides our Clients with choice. Choice of product, supplier and distributor — we decouple the supply chain to create new and sustainable sources of value and innovation for our Clients.


The only globally recognised CIPS certified procurement capability in the food service industry. A dedicated and on-shore national team of experienced food and hospitality operational professionals, on call for our Clients to support issue resolution, new requirements and user experience.

Customer FAQs

What can I expect as a Client of Foodbuy?

When you partner with Foodbuy, you gain access to a national food and hospitality procurement and supply chain capability, our scale and a platform that provides your business with  customisation, flexibility and continuous financial benefits. We connect our Clients with the right suppliers and strategies to maximise value and reduce cost whenever possible. We empower you to make the right supply chain choices for your business and offer you pure transparency along the way.

Does Foodbuy have a sustainability platform?

As the largest foodservice procurement organization in Australia, Foodbuy embraces both the challenges and opportunities of sustainability and corporate social responsibility across the supply chain.

Foodbuy and its Clients such as Compass Group continue to invest in sustainability and community across a broad range of global and domestic initiatives providing, and complementing, our Members with a range of opportunities to support their sustainability objectives including our passion and commitment to support sustainable growth in First Nation Peoples supply opportunities. Some of these initiatives can be found here


How can Foodbuy help me?

Foodbuy Australia processes more than 1,000,000 transactions each year providing goods and services to over 600 operating locations across Australia and across diverse industry sectors.

As the food and hospitality procurement and supply chain behind the world’s largest food and support services organisation, we bring our unrivalled scale, culinary experience, data, insight and quality of supplier relationships to each of our Clients.

We work hard to leverage this procurement scale to deliver new and sustainable financial benefits to you. We manage your supply chain, so you can spend more time driving growth with your customers.

How do I go about ordering the products and services I need?

Foodbuy offers our Clients access to our proprietary, cloud-based Foodbuy Online platform – a market leading solution built by our culinary  and hospitality teams for your teams We combine both your supplier, products and contracts with the 38,000+ products already in our environment to provide you with a customisable, single ordering environment tuned to user, outlet and approver.

This platform, and our broader Foodbuy culinary and supply chain expertise, work with our Clients on menu and recipe design, food waste reduction, managed order guides (MOG’s), product specifications and additional process, standardisation, productivity and optimisation activities to help you develop the most efficient culinary and hospitality solution tailored to your business, your brand and your customer experience.

How do I find out more about becoming a Client of Foodbuy?

We would be delighted to discuss how we can support you through a Foodbuy partnership. Please click here, enter your details and we contact you: Become a Customer

Can I buy local food from Foodbuy?

Absolutely. Alongside or relationships with global recognized brands and manufacturers, we proudly adopt a ‘Grown Here not Flown Here’ strategy to food sourcing. We work across Australian suppliers to source and provide our Clients with the very best of our local products, across categories, including our continued passion and commitment to growing our First Nation Peoples supply base in partnership with Supply Nation and other ATSI organisations – making Australian, regional and local products and services available, every day, to every Clients.

Am I locked into a specific distributor through Foodbuy?

No. Foodbuy actively decouples the whole supply chain so we best understand, negotiate and develop new opportunities across the entire ‘Paddock to Plate’ process.

We work with a range of high quality and high service distributor and logistics organisations ensuring we can consider and provide a range of solutions to our  Clients.

Whether your locations are CBD, regional or even off-shore, we have a logistics and distribution solution that fits and by maintaining several distribution relationships we are best able to support you to mitigate risk when continuity of supply comes under threat. We, along with our distribution partners, work hard to deliver our Clients with value and service whilst always seeking to optimise the logistics network and reduce the overall food miles profile

What types of products can Foodbuy offer my business?

Foodbuy manages over 38,000 products and services across, 3300+ supplier relationships.

We offer our Clients access to the food, hot and cold beverage and retail requirements no matter the industry sector alongside the broader consumables, services and equipment required to support your culinary and hospitality environment.

We will couple your existing and unique requirements to those existing in our Foodbuy platform – ensuring we provide you with an efficient and sustainable solution for the future.


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Partner with us to turn your purchases into profit.

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