Climate-friendly Beef is ‘No Bull’ with Five Founders Beef

At Foodbuy we are committed to the highest standards in ethical procurement and in developing compelling opportunities for our Clients to accelerate their sustainability journeys – so much so that we developed our own tailored platform and approach known as ‘WorldFirstTM‘.

Alongside our core ‘Grown Here Not Flown Here’ approach to sourcing our team passionately embraces our opportunity and responsibility to provide our clients, and their customers, with the best quality food from ethical and values-based sources and to provide procurement choices that protect the environment and respect human rights.

One such partnership is with ‘Five Founders Natural Australian Beef’ from the North Australian Pastoral Company (NAPCo) one of Australia’s largest and oldest cattle companies, established in 1877 by five founding partners.

In 2019, NAPCo elevated their dedication to sustainability, achieving a landmark milestone as their branded beef product, ‘Five Founders’ became the first in Australia to receive certification as carbon neutral under the Australian Government’s prestigious ‘Climate Active’ program.

As the name suggests, Five Founders carbon-neutral beef is assessed from cradle-to-gate. ‘cradle’ representing ‘whole of life’ and the ‘gate’ is defined as the point at which the product is transported to Five Founders main distributor centre.

The process for delivering a carbon-neutral beef product involves three key steps:

1. Assessment of Carbon Footprint: This step involves a thorough evaluation of the carbon emissions associated with the entire beef supply chain, from the whole-life aspect of the cattle.

2. Implementation of Reduction Strategies: Various strategies are in place to reduce emissions and plan for increased reduction for years to come. This includes ongoing cattle genetics improvement essential to better herd performance and a reduction of methane emissions as well as improving soil health by planting legume-based crops where appropriate and implementing renewable solar energy initiatives.

3. Carbon Offsetting: The final stage, involves compensating for the remaining emissions calculated from the footprint. Each year, projects and offset units are purchased and retired that are verified by independent auditors through internationally recognised standards, using Climate Active’s Carbon Neutral Standard for Products and Services, to ensure a rigorous due diligence process.

These steps work together to minimize the environmental impact of beef production and achieve carbon neutrality, showcasing a commitment to sustainable practices in the industry. NAPCo is on a sustainability journey that goes beyond achieving ‘Climate Active Carbon Neutral’ certification.

They are making significant efforts, including transitioning to renewable energy sources on their cattle stations, introducing legumes into pastures to capture more carbon in the soil and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and working on improving the performance of their breeding herd based on independent studies. These multifaceted initiatives demonstrate NAPCo’s commitment to sustainable and environmentally responsible practices in cattle farming.

In 2016, scientists found that NAPCo had reduced the emissions intensity of their cattle herd by 43%. To further address the environmental impact of livestock, NAPCo has been undertaking commercial-context trials with Bovaer®, a dietary supplement that inhibits methane production in cattle stomachs. This supplement can reduce methane emissions by up to 90% without affecting beef quality.

NAPCo aims to change the perception of cattle farming by emphasizing its commitment to sustainability and innovation. They want to show that there is such a thing as climate-friendly beef and are sharing their story to highlight their positive contribution to society and the environment.

Five Founders cattle are single source single herd (of origin), fully traceable from paddock to processing. They are raised on pasture and finished on grain (100days), with stress-free handling techniques. Five Founders is Carbon Neutral & Halal Certified, MSA graded with a marble score <2 & meat colour 1-3 and with no added hormones. This beef is not only consciously raised,  it’s tasty too!

“It is simply good business to manage the natural resource we are custodians of sustainably.  The prudent management of the natural resources we oversee is not just an ethical obligation; it’s a sound business practice, it’s our commitment to a greener future, and has been for over a century.”

~ Allan Cooney, CEO, NAPCo


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