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Across the globe, organisational focus and investment in environmental responsibility are increasingly critical both for their employee proposition and consumer brand engagement.

One of the biggest opportunities is in waste reduction – whether that is within the workspace or across our supply chains. Waste negatively affects our ecosystem in various ways including leaching chemicals, polluting waterways, wasting natural resources and releasing methane into the atmosphere. Luckily, there are solutions to this problem. Method Recycling seeks to deploy these solutions into workplaces to lessen their environmental impacts.

As part of their Worldfirst™ approach, Foodbuy supports their clients to reduce overall waste, and especially food waste, through a broad range of initiatives including access to the Method recycling range.

Method Recycling, started in New Zealand in 2015, is working to help organisations divert one billion kilograms of waste by 2030. While it’s an ambitious goal, many organisations are making commitments to reduce their waste impact, with many looking toward certifications like zero waste.

Our system and expert support are designed to help businesses achieve these goals and to deliver a positive impact on both the world and aligned to their brand, values and purpose.

Adrian Snelling from the Australian National Maritime Museum said

“Method went above and beyond what anyone would expect from a company that sells bins and it was this passion that made the decision for the museum. It was clear that there was a strong alignment in values between the two organisations.”

Offering a clean, sleek design, Method bins are designed to be visible and out in the open. This positively encourages people to sort their waste properly in a communal recycling station. Colour-coded bins that are consistent throughout a workspace help people better engage with the system and in changing waste behaviours to match. Through regular interaction with consistent bins throughout the workplace, recycling becomes an unconscious habit.

Method works with each organisation to create a unique solution for their site. We’re able to customise streams for location-specific recycling requirements, like food waste, or other specialty recycling options like e-waste or coffee cups, so that the system can easily adapt as you grow.  When it comes to recycling and waste diversion, bins are only one aspect. Method’s custom signage helps people properly segregate their waste, can reduce recycling contamination and support positive employee and consumer engagement.

Finally, it’s important for organisations to not only implement their new bin and signage systems but also to be able to accurately measure and report on the positive impact achieved.

By having an ongoing measurement and reporting system in place, organisations can help their team understand the impact of their collective decisions and generate lasting momentum.

Moreso, it helps to create a culture of collective responsibility where recycling and waste are talked about regularly. This, in turn, increases awareness and increases the consideration of our actions.

Method has had a huge impact on the organisations that work with them. Samson, a commercial property management company, implemented Method’s bins and reduced waste to landfill by an average of 50% across three key sites, in just three months. Likewise, the Australian National Maritime Museum – saw a 63% reduction in waste to landfill after implementing Method’s system.

While recycling and proper waste disposal are only one aspect of sustainability, by reducing waste overall, companies can see an immediate improvement in their green efforts.

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