WorldFirst™: Purpose Driven Procurement.

WorldFirst™: Purpose Driven Procurement

At Foodbuy we are committed to the highest standards in ethical procurement and in developing compelling opportunities for our Member Clients to accelerate their sustainability journeys – so much so that we developed our own tailored platform and approach known as “WorldFirst™”.

Alongside our core “Grown Here Not Flown Here” approach to sourcing our team passionately embrace our opportunity and responsibility to provide our clients, and their customers, with the best quality food from ethical and values-based sources and to provide procurement choices that protect the environment and respect human rights.

We achieve this through the application of a ‘best in class’ structured procurement framework and a national team with a shared belief in the power of Purpose Driven Procurement. For our Supply Partners, this means we establish relationships based on shared values across ethical, sustainable, equality and diversity perspectives – all founded through partnerships based on continuous improvement and a spirit of collaboration.





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