Purpose Driven Procurement – How We Help Our Clients Support Indigenous Communities

When Foodbuy commenced its partnership with IHG Hotels & Resorts in July 2019, one of the first national benefit programs to be introduced was Muru Office Supplies.  Not only do they have a great product range and price point, Muru is a purpose-driven, community-focused organisation that contributes a percentage of all profits to education, employment and health & well-being initiatives that support Indigenous communities.

One of the main Social Enterprises Muru supports is IndigiGrow. IndigiGrow is a 100% owned Aboriginal non-for-profit native nursery focusing on edible bushfoods, local endangered species and employment of young people. Peter Cooley, a proud Bidjigal man and CEO at First Hand Solutions, set up IndigiGrow with his team to sustain people, land and culture by passing on knowledge about native plants, including bush foods and the critically endangered Eastern Suburbs Banksia Scrub.

“As traditional custodians of the land, it’s a no brainer that we take on this responsibility”

-Peter Cooley,
CEO at First Hand Solutions


The nursery is located in La Perouse Public Schoolhouses with hundreds of plants and is a hub of education and community engagement. They support themselves by selling produce to the public. However, they are heavily reliant on the support Muru provides via their capital contribution, particularly to help with the workforce. The support provided extends beyond tangible benefits to the Indigenous community and their people. Of the 12 full-time apprentices at IndigiGrow, the positive flow-on effects on their families are remarkable.

It’s hard to believe the native bush food industry is valued at $20 million annually, yet Indigenous business only represents 2% of it. Foodbuy and their clients such as IHG are committed to increasing this percentage and supporting growth within organisations such as Muru who are sincerely committed to making a difference.

“IHG’s goal is to help shape the future of responsible travel, supporting our people and making a positive difference to local communities while preserving our planet’s beauty and diversity – not just today but long into the future. We are proud that our great partnership with Foodbuy enables us to access national benefits programs like Muru, which makes a difference by supporting indigenous communities.”

– Matt Tripolone,
Managing Director, IHG Hotels & Resorts Australasia & Pacific


To read more about how Muru shares their profits to support Indigenous communities, click here to read their Community Report.



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