Foodbuy Supplier Showcase 2023 — Meet The Little Marionette

Great Tasting Coffee

From a small hole-in-the-wall espresso bar in Balmain to a global coffee support and distribution network, The Little Marionette is a boutique coffee roastery and barista training school anchored in Rozelle, NSW.

“Our team creatively roasts the finest beans, creating full-bodied and crowd-pleasing blends, small-batch single origins and fresh filter roasts to entertain the most discerning coffee connoisseurs. The Little Marionette roasts and supplies 10 tonnes of beans a week to some of Australia’s best and most respected hotels, Aged Care Facilities, Hospital cafés, Caterers and Restaurant Groups including Compass Group Australia via our national relationship with Foodbuy”

At the core of their identity, is their unwavering commitment to sourcing, roasting and delivering the highest quality coffee beans. The Little Marionette prides itself on offering a varied range of meticulously sourced single-origin beans and blends from small, naturally-processed lots around the world, never compromising on quality or sustainability.

This dedication extends to their manual roasting techniques, ensuring that every batch is carefully roasted to deliver the distinct Little Marionette flavour that their customers have grown to love all over the world.​

“Our customer-centric approach sets us apart as we place our customers’ needs, satisfaction and experience at the forefront of all our interactions. Our admin and tech support teams respond promptly to customer inquiries, troubleshooting, technical assistance and breakdowns. We have a team of onsite qualified technicians with an in-depth knowledge of the coffee industry. In addition, we partner with Australia’s largest service company, Brewtech, whose expertise lies in coffee equipment maintenance and repair. This means that we can offer timely and effective tech support nationwide.​”

In addition to their blends, single origins, organic and decaf coffee, the product line also includes several ancillary items such as:​

• Canned cold brew

• Farm traceable instant specialty coffee,

• A range of Tippity Tea (silk bags and loose leaf) and fresh chai

• Powdered chocolate and chai

• Variety of sugars

• Alternative milks

• Variety of syrups

• Takeaway packaging

• Cleaning products and coffee equipment

• Crockery

• Coffee pods, drippers and dippers

• Coffee Vodka (Espresso Martini substitute)

• Retail and merchandise items

WorldFirst™ and Focus on Sustainability

“At The Little Marionette, we take a holistic approach to sustainability. As such, we are constantly researching greener initiatives. Our primary focus is dedicated to reducing our environmental impact. Our eco-friendly coffee bags are made from linea low-density polyethylene (LDPE) and have no foil lining making them completely recyclable whilst our Truly Eco Aqueous takeaway paper cups are made with a water-based (aqueous) that can either be composted or recycled.”

When it comes to training, the team believes that mastery in coffee transcends mere skill; it’s about a legacy of quality and passion. Their “Train the Trainer” programme offers dedicated training and support to potential trainers, ensuring that they not only understand the nuances of the coffee but also the organisation’s ethos. At the heart of this training programme is the training centre in Rozelle. This facility, equipped with the latest coffee machinery and tools, offers a conducive environment for hands-on learning and experimentation.​

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