Foodbuy Supplier Showcase 2023 — Meet Dilmah Tea Australia

Inspired by Nature and Handcrafted with Love by a Family of Tea Growers

Dilmah is much more than a brand of tea, it is an uncompromising promise of quality. Merrill J. Fernando, The World’s Teamaker who was driven by his passion for tea and a desire to share the luxury and natural goodness of Ceylon tea, ensured the art of growing the finest tea in the world was a knowledge passed on to his children and grandchildren. This generational passion and devotion to produce extraordinary tea is what gives Dilmah the unquenchable spirit it has today.

Dilmah is the first producer-owned tea brand and offers tea that is ‘picked, perfected and packed’ at origin. This is why our tea is superior in taste and is packed full of natural goodness. This is unlike the multi-origin blends that compromise on quality for profit. We are not that brand.

Our philosophy goes beyond commerce and we see our family business as a matter of human service. This is what makes Dilmah the first ethically produced tea. Ours is a kinder and a better tea to people and the planet. It is a better tea for you because it is carefully handcrafted with love by a family of tea growers. It is also a better tea for humanity because 15% of our proceeds go towards the well-being of the less privileged. We will stop at nothing to make our world a better tea. This is the Dilmah way.

We believe in indulgence that is inspired by nature, embodying kindness to people and nature that is an uncompromising component of a family business built on family values. We relish mindfulness, wellness and taste adventure in tea and herb infusions crafted ethically and sustainably, with love. Our emphasis on Natural Luxury focuses on taste that springs from the influence of nature.

With the resurgence of tea and the increased appreciation of tea culture, tea has become a unique experience within the global hospitality industry. We work with acclaimed professionals around the world to craft and curate gastronomy and mixology tea-infused and pairing adventures to form a Seven Star Luxury Tea Experience which aims to change the way the world perceives tea.  Dilmah fuses quality, authenticity, passion and ethics with the sensory adventure, that is tea, to bring you a wide range of products exclusively created for the travel and hospitality sector.

The Elixir of Ceylon Tea range by Dilmah is all-natural, freshly-plucked, single-estate tea extracts, with natural sweetener and no added sugar. Our cutting-edge manufacturing process retains the freshness, natural antioxidants, and the authenticity of Ceylon tea. It redefines the very concept of having a versatile high-quality tea ingredient.

Add the Elixir of Ceylon Tea by Dilmah to anything from iced teas to tea sodas, smoothies, cocktails, mocktails and even slushies or cooking a gourmet meal. This is the ingredient to take whatever you are making to the next level. It is the elevation of tea mixology. A product that was first crafted for professionals in mixology and gastronomy to use, it is now available for everyone.

Back in October this year, Dilmah unveiled a delicious array of Iced Teas, Low Sugar Tea Sodas, and Premium Tea Mixers. These products always use the finest handpicked tea that Ceylon has to offer with interesting infusions and flavours to create a range of products that bring the fresh into refreshing.

The Iced Teas are taste bud treats and include flavours like Peach, Grapefruit & Rosemary and Blood Orange. The healthy Low Sugar Tea Sodas are crafted with uniquely brewed flavours – Tropical Hops, Brewed Ginger & Lemon, Yuzu & Elderflower. The Premium Tea Mixers are the perfect complements for spirits and you will find yourself whipping up fabulous, exotic tea-inspired cocktails. This is the ready-to-go, ready-to-drink, greatness in the palm of your hand.

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