Foodbuy Supplier Showcase 2023 — Meet Brown Forman

Spirits at their Best

While much has changed since Brown‑Forman was founded in 1870, it’s what has stayed the same that makes their story particularly remarkable.

” Timeless values of integrity, respect, trust, teamwork, and excellence live at the heart of our company and our culture. Every day we work toward our ongoing ambition of ‘Nothing Better in the Market’.”

Brown‑Forman has navigated and thrived through 15+ decades of many industry, economic and geopolitical shifts, from world wars and U.S. Prohibition to recessions and global crises, walking out resilient for the better — yesterday, today, tomorrow, and for generations to come.

“We are a company of dynamic people who produce, market and sell fine spirits.”

Brown-Forman and its portfolio of brands are supported by approximately 5,600 employees across six continents worldwide. They have corporate offices and production facilities in more than 50 cities globally and are the 5th largest American-owned spirits company and among the top 10 largest global spirits companies by value*

Brown-Forman’s portfolio of brands are sold in more than 170 countries worldwide.

Innovation/New Product Development

“We focus on building brands that can be meaningful for our company and our consumers over the longer term. We aim to grow our premium spirits portfolio both organically and through innovation. Opportunistically and thoughtfully, we also consider acquisitions and partnerships that will enhance our capacity to deliver meaningful growth.”

Brown-Forman recently acquired Gin Mare (super premium Mediterranean Gin) and Diplomatico Rum (from Venezuela). Brown-Forman also launched Jack Daniel’s Bonded (matured for 4yrs in a federally bonded warehouse) and Herradura Legend (extra Anejo tequila).

Brown-Forman has a global partnership with Coca-Cola. The #1 global soft drink and the #1 global premium spirit; Jack Daniel’s & Coca-Cola, are the perfect pair. Coming to Australia soon!

WorldFirst™ and Focus on Sustainability

“Caring for natural resources and the climate isn’t simply a business concern for us. From the fields that grow our grains, agave, and grapes, to the water we transform into our spirits, to the oak for our barrels, we depend on the earth’s bounty. It’s about committing to the environment that sustains us, caring for the resources we share with our community, and nurturing what we have for those who come after us.”

Key Sustainability Targets

Climate Action By 2030, reduce operations and supply chain emissions by 50% and achieve net zero GHG emissions in our operations and supply chain by 2045.

Water Stewardship —100% of our high-risk and business-critical watersheds to achieve water balance by 2030.  

Circularity — We are committed to zero waste and transforming the way we conduct business using circularity principles, designing out waste, and keeping products and materials in use.

Sustainable Packaging — By 2030, 100% of primary packaging to be recyclable or reusable

Sustainable Agriculture — By 2025, 100% engagement with our direct farmers on regenerative agricultural practices

Sustainable Forestry — By April 2024, evaluate our wood supply chain and develop new sustainable forestry targets.


*(IWSR 2022)

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