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Global sustainability leader SOURCE® Global, PBC and Indigenous-owned bottling company Waddi Group have announced a partnership to bring SOURCE®, the world’s first renewable and sustainably sourced bottled drinking water, to Australia. This marks a significant moment in the country’s work to reduce plastic waste and combat the forces of climate change and drought on drinking water.

Waddi has been a key partner of Foodbuy over the last 5 years and this initiative strengthens our commitment to identifying ‘Better For You’ and ‘Better for the Planet’ solutions, which will help us and our clients achieve their sustainability targets.

The Value of Water

It’s often said the true value of water won’t be realised until it’s lost. Ancient groundwater supplies are limited and are being depleted at a rate faster than they can be replenished. By 2025, half of the world’s population will live in water-stressed areas, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). And for Australia specifically, the driest continent on earth inhabited by humans, the issue is exacerbated by both the challenge of declining water supply and growing demand.

With water scarcity and drought at the forefront of minds, locally and abroad, the indigenous-owned business Waddi Springs is committed to finding new and innovative ways to protect our precious and limited water supply for generations to come. To find a product that can help solve this problem, Waddi Springs is looking to the sky.


Distributed in Australia by Waddi Springs, SOURCE® water is produced using Hydropanels, powered by just sunlight and made by capturing the humidity in the air.

The technology can capture water anywhere in the world, pulling pure water molecules from the air, even in dry environments where humidity is low. And because it is water sourced from thin air, zero precious groundwater is extracted – leaving our finite groundwater supply the time to replenish for future generations. SOURCE® Queensland is pure, premium water responsibly produced and bottled directly in Queensland where the panels are located, using just sunlight and air – and never packaged in single-use plastic.

Extracting pure water from the air means the process starts with the cleanest, purest water. Essential magnesium and calcium are then added to the SOURCE® water bottles to guarantee optimum health benefits.

“Water on a Mission! For every litre of SOURCE® Queensland water Waddi Springs produces, a litre is given to a local community facing water scarcity.”


Monitoring of water for any level of quality is available for commercial panels in areas with a continuous wireless signal and where the Hydropanel has unremitting connection to local, unsecured WiFi or cellular service.

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