Another Great Year in Partnership with OzHarvest

As their first National Food Service Partner, Foodbuy and Compass Group work closely with OzHarvest to help reduce food waste. Wherever possible, any surplus food is offered to OzHarvest who distributes it to people in need. In addition,  Compass Group provides financial support from fundraising initiatives that help the organisation deliver over 200,000 meals per year.

Together with the Compass Group Australia team, our organisation is committed to “Stop Food Waste” and how we work together, from culinary leaders to site teams in creating amazing food experiences that also help those most in need across Australian communities. Celebrating another successful year in partnership, Foodbuy alongside our Member Client Compass Group  Australia, came together to present OzHarvest with $100,000.

“Stop food waste is not a new challenge to those across Compass and in our 45 countries. Our operations teams, culinary leaders, dietitians and nutritionists have been working for many years to engineer food waste out of our recipes, our menus and our culinary environments. It’s a huge challenge and we will do everything we can to crack this challenge and divert food that would otherwise go to waste”.

~ Andrew Brightmore, Executive Director, Foodbuy Australia


We are delighted to be working closely with OzHarvest to bring this partnership to life and wanted to give you a quick overview of some of the partnership goals, we have for 2022.

We are rolling out access to OzHarvest and food rescue to even more of our sites across Australia. With Compass Group being Australia’s largest food and support services organisation, we will continue to work together to reduce the impact of climate change from food being sent to landfill.

As a result, we are working closely with the  OzHarvest logistics team with a process to help sites to access this food rescue program. For sites located in areas where OzHarvest may not be able to rescue food, we would like to offer different programs with tips and tricks on reducing food waste that can be implemented to help save money and food.

We are also working on an exciting calendar of activities for all teams to engage in.

Whether it is through food drives, fundraising and volunteering activities, joining OzHarvest in their warehouses for cooking classes, or through online education sessions, we cannot wait to speak to as many people as possible to share the OzHarvest message and get you all involved.

Foodbuy is currently supporting OzHarvest’s ‘Use It Up’ campaign, a program dedicated to raising awareness to reduce household waste. Complementing Compass Group’s global initiative to ‘Stop Food Waste’, the campaign encourages us all to look in our kitchen, find and take note of the products that should be used before they go to waste, making sure we ‘Use It Up’.

Each April, Compass Group globally celebrate our ‘Stop Food Waste Day’, an international day of awareness, ideas, innovations and action in the fight against food waste.

We are so grateful for your incredible support. Since 2017, we’ve rescued nearly 7,000kg of food from different sites and you have donated valuable funds enabling us to provide more than 600,000 meals to people in need!
This is a partnership we are truly proud of and we thank Andy and the entire company for your support. I can’t wait to continue working together to help ‘Nourish our Country’ and increase our impact!”

~ Ronni Kahn, CEO and Founder of OzHarvest

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