In Celebrating the Life of Tony Begovich

It is with great sadness that we confirm the recent passing of Tony Begovich, the owner of Hills Market Gardens and both a character and supply partner known particularly well by our ESS site teams for their service and support to our clients across Western Australia.

Tony, and his family, have been a proud supplier to our business for over 50 continuous years, a significant milestone we were proud to celebrate with him and his family prior to the COVID lockdowns. Throughout this time, Tony has maintained a steadfast loyalty to our Compass organisation and in supporting our ESS site teams with quality fruit and veg and often talking daily with our sites in supporting our Chefs and culinary teams with the very best product from the WA markets and national growers into our recipes and menus.

If you knew Tony, you knew an amazing character. He founded his family-owned and managed business in a beautiful part of Perth with rolling landscapes and orchards being his backyard. He lived his passion for F&V and was a cornerstone of the WA markets, rarely missing the early morning walk amongst the sellers and taking great pride in the deals he would create for us. In his later years, he would still wake early every day and go the markets with his sons, to be with friends, to ensure he had the traditional bacon & egg roll and to help load the produce onto the truck – he drove the forklift. He rarely missed a day, the market was his life.

Tony, and his family, have been amazing partners to our business and we will miss him dearly. He is survived by his wife Mary and sons Branko and Eric.

“Since I joined the business Tony would call me every week, without fail. Sometimes to talk about his history in coming to Australia and sometimes just about the pricing in the market from his trip that morning. His memory for names was always a struggle so he often gave nicknames to many of us, typically based on where we came from, (I was always “Hey Pommy”) – terms of endearment in his eyes for the people he worked hard to support. But every week without fail, he would call me and we would just talk. These are the moments I will miss the most.”
~Andrew Brightmore, Executive Director, Foodbuy.

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