The Bunzl and Foodbuy Partnership — Continued Sustainable Success!

Over the past 18 months around Australia, we have seen some significant changes in how we view our sustainable future. Bunzl and Foodbuy Australia have been working closely to be at the forefront of this change. As leaders in our respective fields, we have been showcasing our shared commitments, dedication and programs developed through our strong values-led partnership and in doing our part to support a sustainable future.

We believe in creating a sustainable environment with Foodbuy, for their clients and ourselves. Our sustainability strategy consists of four pillars that align with our business: Supply Chain, Products & Customers, People & Community, and Environment & Climate Change. These pillars illustrate the commitments we have made, including specific targets in areas where we have the most meaningful impact.

A common and relevant topic since the beginning of 2021 has been the reduction of single-use plastics across Australia. Our state governments have been working hard to implement legislation to phase out single-use plastics, creating a significant shift in focus to a more sustainable future.

At Bunzl, many of the products we supply contain plastic, and so we recognise our responsibility and importance to be part of the solution. That’s why we’re working closely with Foodbuy to lead the conversation, in taking action and in facilitating lasting behavioural change that will lead the industry towards a more sustainable approach to single-use plastics. We also understand that the elimination of oxo-degradable plastics products from our range is crucial, and we are committed to removing these from our supply chain altogether.

South Australia was the first state to implement single-use plastics bans from the 1st of March 2021. Following this, we have seen new legislation in WA, ACT, Hobart, NSW and QLD, with VIC due to commence in the coming months. During this time (ending June 2022) Bunzl and Foodbuy have been able to avoid 17,006,690 units of single-use plastics which is a reduction of 124,44.12 Kg of plastic. This was achieved by the conversion of everyday disposable items to a sustainable or reusable alternative. 

The concept of product stewardship supports the environmentally sound management of products and materials over their entire life. Bunzl and Foodbuy believe that by embracing this concept, we can reduce the amount of excess packing used in our supply chain and help minimize the impact on landfill and the environment.

Bunzl provides Foodbuy and its clients with many essential washroom products, including those made from renewable wood fibre materials sourced from reputable suppliers.

We take ownership of the brands we manage within our supply chain and seek to only purchase responsibly sourced wood fibre products. We will not knowingly accept any paper-based products that may contain wood fibre harvested illegally or sourced from protected forest areas.

We also favour recyclable products and packaging where possible – recycling products and packaging at their end of life reduces waste to landfill.

As part of our dedicated partnership, our commitment to the Indigenous community is focused on working with organizations such as Corporate Connect to turn good intentions into tangible actions and results. Foodbuy supports this through the purchase of dedicated products, providing financial support to these organizations – their commitment to “Purpose Driven Procurement”.

We also recognise Modern slavery is a global issue that requires global action. Bunzl and Foodbuy are both international businesses that are wholly committed to eliminating Modern slavery practices and respecting human rights across both our own operations and throughout our supply chain.

Bunzl and Foodbuy take the same approach to Modern slavery in that we accept ZERO tolerance. Our partnership supports confidence that the products you use, have been sourced in conjunction with our Ethical Sourcing Policy.

Together we have already achieved some exceptional Sustainable Success and we continue to challenge ourselves around Environmental and Social Governance to support our future. We look forward to the continued innovation that will support further sustainability initiatives and market-leading expertise.

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